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Understand oxygen and no oxygen, fat reduction efficiency easily increase 70%!
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When it comes to exercise, we all know that there are "aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise".  When it comes to weight loss, what comes to mind?  Is it a sweaty run or a crazy iron lift?  


Aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise are two important ways of exercise, but many people do not have enough understanding of the difference between them and the effect, so they cannot play a full role in the exercise process, resulting in "the effect of weight loss is not obvious".  


So, what's the difference between these two sports?  Aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise which is more conducive to weight loss?  Below, to answer one by one for you.  

1: What is aerobic and  anaerobia 

The characteristic of aerobic movement aerobic movement is: the time that intensity is low duration longer rhythm feeling asks to take exercise every time is not less than 30 minutes, hold to every week 3 to 5 oxygen can combustion adequately (namely oxidation) the sugar inside body, can consume the adipose inside body, the crowd effect that reduces fat to want to reduce weight is relatively better


And cells for aerobic respiration, will produce lactic acid, which is why a lot of people after exercise, the next day up will be sore hands and feet, is because of aerobic exercise

The characteristics of anaerobic exercise are: high load intensity, instant, strong oxygen intake, low oxygen consumption of energy, can effectively stimulate muscles to enhance muscle strength and circumference, the body has a good effect on shaping beauty





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