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Quality and quality!Easy Run Mini-AIR 3CM coin treadmill successfully won two awards of "Made in China beauty"
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Recently, in the final evaluation of 2019 Annual "The Beauty of Chinese Manufacturing", Easy Run Min-AIR 3CM coin treadmill broke out of 5,917 submitted products and successfully won the nomination award of "the Beauty of Chinese Manufacturing"!At the same time, the organizing committee gave high recognition to the enterprising spirit of Easy running, and awarded the honor of "Excellent enterprise".

It is reported that the selection in the sports entertainment category only 2 won the silver award, gold medal did not have a winner, visible the selection of rigorous justice.This time, Easy running won two major awards of "Made in China beauty", which represents the important recognition of easy running products by social authorities, and the outstanding performance of Mini-AIR 3CM coin treadmill in manufacturing quality, innovative appearance design, market and social value and other comprehensive dimensions.

"The Beauty of Made in China" is made in China network together with China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), SGS, TUV SUD, BV three international well-known certification institutions, for all Chinese products, through public welfare selection, to select a series of outstanding products that can represent the level of modern Chinese manufacturing.The aim is to show the public what they don't know about the "beauty of Made in China" and explore the new value of made in China.

The 2019 annual "Beauty of Made in China" judges are 10 experts from industrial design, manufacturing enterprises, as well as procurement, inspection and certification fields. Through 5-hour full observation and discussion, professional evaluation is conducted from product quality, innovation value, human-computer interaction, safety compliance, aesthetic effect and other professional dimensions.

Because of its structure/appearance patent, good shock absorption performance, considerate human-machine interaction experience design, and high quality manufacturing quality, Easy Run Mini-AIR 3CM coin treadmill stood out and won the nomination award!

"3cm" innovative design, quality manufactured

The Mini-AIR 3CM coin treadmill gets its name because the body is only 3CM thick, the height of one coin.Fuselage chassis is used for aviation equipment manufacturing and other high-tech fields of aviation aluminum, the material application makes the treadmill lighter, and flexibility and bearing level is stronger, the machine weight is only 25kg, bearing up to 120kg, the machine is light and easy to receive.

The innovative appearance and structural design of mini-AIR 3CM coin treadmill has won the national patent.Industry-first folding way of armrest, optimize user operation and use safety.Aero-aluminum integrated thin body, full screen mirror display, clear motion data.

Intimate human-computer interaction, super cool sports experience

Easy Run Mini-AIR 3CM coin treadmill can be controlled by Tmall Genie voice, the speed of the treadmill is stopped, no longer with hands, just say, you can intelligent adjustment;The treadmill has double mode of walking/running, equipped with intelligent speed sensing light, blue light walking, green light jogging, red light fast running, more safe exercise;

Mini-air 3CM coin treadmill can be connected with easy-to-run sports programs through Bluetooth, built-in various sports challenge modes, private customization of sports programs, online competitive interaction among friends, and support one-click sharing of friends circle.Intimate experience design, immersed in the joy of sports.

Since its establishment in 2010, Easy Run has had a history of running mechanics for 10 years.With the continuous innovation and craftsmanship of products, the sales of fitness products in e-commerce has been in the forefront all year round.Not only that, easy run brand is exported to overseas, so that more and more international users experience China's easy run manufacturing.

This won the "Made in China beauty" nomination award and outstanding enterprise award, is not only the affirmation of easy run products, but also easy run continuous progress of the power.We are always on the way to carry forward The Made in China and show the easy to run products.




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