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USE Elliptical machine like this! Highly effective fat reduction can also improve hips and legs
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Elliptical machine is also called space walk machine ,the most prominent feature is efficient fat burning hip thin legs to protect joints, and with its strong body fat burning ability by everyone's love although as a common fitness equipment, but many partners are not generally used, so that all kinds of attractive posture emerge in an endless stream, sports injury also followed So this tutorial today, how to use the elliptical machine correctly

1: The preparation action should be correct 

(1) on the machine from the foot on the low side of the machine, press the HOME button can start exercise


 (2) place both feet on the foot pedal

 the tip of the foot is the best against the most front of the foot pedal, to prevent slipping in the movement, keep both feet in the same position on the pedal (tiptoe easy to make the relevant muscles Excessive fatigue and wear of joints and ligaments, easy to cause sports injuries)

And in the use of the "heart of the foot force", this will be closer to the conventional movement posture, the body is more comfortable


Knees slightly bent

We have a "lower center of gravity" when our knees are bent, making it easier to stand on the elliptical, and a slightly bent knee allows us to work flexibly with the elliptical


Core to tighten

The purpose of core tightening is to "keep the body in balance," and without it, the task of balance is taken over by the joints, increasing the risk of joint injuries.



2: The resistance is gradual

If you are a novice, the early advice is "no resistance or 1-2 grade resistance", do not deliberately pursue large resistance, strength is not the greater the better, step by step increase resistance.



3:Three ways fat burning exercise with elliptical machine

Beginner normal fat burning mode

Press the HOME button to begin your free aerobic routine.

Hold the dynamic armrest with both hands and swing back and forth with the core tightening and stabilizing the body during the whole process. Do not buckle your knees inside.


Buttock waistcoat line mode

2 minutes rear-seated hip mode +5 minutes regular fat burning mode.

Use the fixed handle, feel the feeling of squatting backwards, use the hip to drive the thigh, thigh to drive the calf trample, pay attention not to hunchback in the process of exercise.


HIIT sweating mode

5 min fast/slow switching warm up +15 min hip flexion +5 min normal fat burning mode.

Hold the movable handle, push and pull one after the other in the movement, you can feel the force of the arm, the legs follow and step, driving the whole body to join the burning fat, to achieve the balance of the whole body.

Through the indirect alternate way, improve the heart rate while accelerating the burning of fat.

4:Remember to stretch before and after

It is very necessary to warm up before exercise. It is recommended that "3-5 minutes" be the best to wake up the muscles and joints of the whole body and avoid injury in the process of exercise.


5:The right amount of exercise is important

Beginners are advised to start training 3-4 times a week, each time about 20 minutes, for two weeks. After fully adapting to the training, insist on at least five times a week, each time 40 minutes to 1 hour.

At the same time, do not pursue too fast, elliptical machine belongs to aerobic fat reduction exercise, too fast is easy to become anaerobic exercise, unable to burn fat. The normal recommended speed should be kept at "about 30-40 laps per minute".

All of this is in the process of using the elliptical machine

A few little things to pay attention to

And 3 fat-burning exercises you can use on a daily basis

Hope to help you in the daily fitness

Get the best out of the elliptical machine

Get in shape as soon as possible!

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